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The Eagle's Endorsement

"Elizabeth Cunha stands out in a field of standouts. By throwing herself into city life since she last ran for the council she has made herself a powerful candidate who would bring an intense interest in the daily functioning of the city to the council.​"

The Battalion- Who has my vote for the College Station City Council

"We’re just public servants, that’s it. We don’t have a business that we’re trying to get some publication for, we’re not developers, we're not realtors, we’re just public servants. What we saw was a lack of diversity on the council, and I felt like I could bring something to that. I feel like strong councils should have people from many different viewpoints gathered around an issue." - Elizabeth Cunha

Think Brazos Podcast

"I just want College Station to stay the great place to raise a family it has been for me."

"Right now the main concern is 'how do we get College Station opening and functioning?' [...] I think that's important, to be able to shift and respond to what's happening right this minute."

Candidates take part in Bryan-College Station Habitat for Humanity project

“It’s important that we have a ground-level understanding if we’re really going to be able to do some things city wide,” she explained. “I think the more you know the details, the more you can drive the vision."

WTAW Interview

“When reviewing candidate qualifications, remember the job of a council member is not to impersonate staff or replace staff.  The roll of a council member is to listen to your concerns, your priorities, and your vision, and communicate those effectively to our capable staff to employ as their guide and direction to carry our their work."

KBTX- On adding election to November ballot

"I was not OK with us telling the students to stay home after spring break and then five months later, closing that election before they ever stepped foot on campus.  [...] Everyone should have access to the ballot box and be able to participate in electing the leaders under which they are going to have consequences." - Elizabeth Cunha