Frequently Asked Questions

Which Party are you running for?

Not applicable - at the Council level of government, there are no partisan politics. We are not divided by party affiliation or platform.

Which part of College Station are you representing?

Every part! In contrast with Bryan, whose Council is composed of single member districts, College Station Council members are all at large positions, meaning each member is tasked with representing the interests of the entire community.

How much time will you have to devote to Council issues?

The campaign trail is an excellent vetting process to live this answer! I have given a minimum of 20 hours a week to campaign duties since I first considered running. Community service has been a significant part of my time budget in every year of my adult life. From Chair of the Parks and Rec board, to Cub Scouts, to Volunteer Income Tax Assistant, to Hurricane Harvey clean-up to premarital education instructor, "Cunha" has become synonymous with service. I have and will continue to consistently invest my time in our community.

I heard you're not accepting campaign donations! Why not?

It’s true; I am not accepting campaign donations and have turned away several kind overtures. I choose to fund my campaign out of my own savings for 2 main reasons: 1. Candidates often solicit thousands and thousands of dollars from generous donors to fuel their campaigns with materials that will end up in the landfill January 29th. Imagine those donors donating those same dollars to local charities instead. Rather than filling landfills, those dollars could be used to fill local lives with hope. 2. Money can often come with strings of bias. I am committed to valuing all citizen input and weighing more heavily those living in closest proximity to impending change, not those who donated copious amounts of affluent change.

Are there other ways to assist you?

YES! Click here to see how you can get involved!


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College Station, Texas